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Short-Term Memory Problems

Short-term memory processing could be temporarily altered or distorted with the use of cannabis products.

Marijuana Affects

Potential Benefits And Side Effects

Short- And Long-Term Side Effects

Chronic Cough

Controlling the doses is essential in order to stay away from the negative effect of chronic cough.


As you continue taking the drug, your body adapts to both the positive and negative effects, making you an addict.

Memory Problems

One of the most common problems of taking the drug is that it affects your brain health, resulting in memory loss.

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THC And Its effects

The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC, affects mental and physical health both positively and negatively.


Melony Johnson

This is one of the best places to learn about the distinct effects of the different THC drugs we take.

Edward Greenstein

Anyone consuming such drugs must know more about the side effects before increasing the dosage.

Patti Carino

I have experienced the positive effects of the drug, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on a regular basis.

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