Quasispy is a free application for tracking devices which run Android OS. We have done our best to make it highly efficient and easy to use. Let’s find out what is the real time information you can access, following installation of Quasispy on your Android device.

Geografical Location Tracking

Each marker on the map is clickable; you can see the place of your device at any time. It records the history of movement of the device - so its previous locations can be seen.

Full Log of Calls*

Even those calls which were manually removed from the phone memory are displayed.

Full History of SMS-messages*

Displayed are even those messages which were manually removed from the phone memory.

History of Visiting Web Pages*

All information about the pages visited in the embedded browser.

Contact List*

For dessert. This function is not too impressive, but sometimes it can be very useful.

Multiple Devices Support

And, among other things, you can install Quasispy on the unlimited number of devices. Just add them on your panel.

The information is collected and transmitted to the server in real time. If the device has no access to the Internet, the data are stored in the internal memory and sent to the server as soon as the Internet is accessible.

* - only available in version for Android.

Free vs PRO Account

Features Free Account PRO Account
Devices in Account 1 Unlimited
Access to Geolocation Data Limited Unlimited
Access to SMS Text No Yes
Access to Calls List Limited Unlimited
Price Free $29/mo
$99 Annual
Upgrade to PRO

How to Install - 5 Steps

1 First you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings, select the menu item "Security", find the string "Unknown sources" and mark it.
2 The next step is loading. Open any browser and, in the address bar, enter the site name On the displayed page, press the button Install on Android. Chrome may display, "file may harm your device"; ignore it and click OK.
3 Once downloaded, you need to install the application. To do this, go to the Downloads and run the file Quasispy.

Run the application and accept the user agreement. Next, it will contact the server and show the code for your device. For example, "MM8WY5IO90". This code should be entered at our website to add the device to your account. If you do not have time right away, you can write the code on a piece of paper and enter it later.

5 Register at our website, enter the code of the device during registration, or do it on your panel - and get access to the information from your device 24/7.